Toler Leadership International is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by the late Dr. Stan Toler in 1993. Dr. Toler was a pastor, bestselling author, and leadership expert who traveled the globe teaching and training for the sole purpose of leadership and ministry development.

Toler Leadership International is continuing the legacy and mission of Stan Toler, to equip and resource Christ followers around the globe and encourage excellence in ministry for the sake of the Kingdom!

And – there’s exciting news to share about the future!  In 2020, TLI is launching a major initiative to make dozens of Stan Toler’s books and resources available in a FREE digital library!  This was a dream of Stan’s long before his passing in November of 2017, and – with your help – we can make it happen.  Because Stan believed in you, encouraged you, and shared himself and his spiritual gifts generously with you, we wanted you to be among the first to know about the launch of this BIG dream.

In this first phase, we’ll focus on 81 of Stan’s works:

  • updating every cover design

  • streamlining and refreshing for today’s readers without compromising Stan’s message

  • revamping and updating the website to support the content volume and ensure broad device access

  • formatting for eBooks and universal file type compatibility

In addition – we’re very excited about plans to offer access to our catalog of over 500 Stan Toler blog entries – a treasure-trove of quotes, devotional material, and daily inspiration!

As you have already discerned, we cannot do this alone.  There is significant expense to every step in making this dream of Stan’s a reality.  And, because Toler Leadership International is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry, making a gift in support of this project before the end of the calendar year could be a beneficial part of your annual stewardship plan.

Your gift of $1,000 will put one Stan Toler book in the FREE digital library, making it available to people around the globe.  Some of our partners will want to sponsor multiple titles, but please know your gift of any amount will make an impact toward completing the library!  In addition to a one-time, year-end gift – many of our partners find that a monthly gift is best for them – and the Stan Toler Digital Library can benefit from your gifts throughout 2020.