Toler Leadership International Launches The Leader’s Coaching Network

A new resource designed especially for developing leaders offers a system for coaching from one of today’s foremost authors and leaders. Having spoken in over 88 countries around the world to a wide range of corporations, non-profits and churches, Dr. Stan Toler models the passionate belief in cultivating more and better leaders. More than one million registrants have been inspired and motivated by Stan Toler’s speaking and teaching in leadership training events around the world.

Dr. Toler brings unique insights into the challenges facing key leaders working for innovation and growth. As a dynamic international speaker and best-selling author, Dr. Toler’s approachable and interactive leadership style fosters a high-energy, collaborative environment where growth and change occur. Stan is committed to the idea that everyone with even a small amount of innate leadership talent can become a good — even great — leader.

A prolific write by anyone’s standards, Toler has authored over 100 books to date. Best-sellers include The Exceptional Leader, The Secret Blend, The Inspirational Speaker’s Resource, ReThink Your Life, the popular Minute Motivator for Leaders series, and Total Quality Life. His newest book, TERRIFIC! Five Star Customer Service is becoming a best seller for both the business community and churches. Toler’s books have sold more than three million copies worldwide.

In The Leader’s Coaching Network, Toler Leadership International (TLI) provides a series of coaching steps to assist leaders in moving their organizations through their next growth barrier. Those coaching steps include:

  • Learning each leader’s strengths and gifts, as well as their team of key staff and employees
  • Equipping the leadership team through a variety of training activities and resources
  • Adopting a new sense of mission and calling for their organization
  • Defining the culture, priorities and challenges of their existing environment
  • Engaging with immediate priorities to help move their efforts forward to the next level
  • Refining an existing Action Plan for transitioning their organization to the next level
  • Selecting their unique future focus for their organization and its leaders

The two year coaching agreement provides an initial on-site visit from the leader’s coach, meetings with the staff and key leadership, monthly newsletters to all their leaders, on-line training webinars for the leadership team, personal email mentoring for each leader, an Annual Leadership training event and special discounts on training resources for the entire whole organization.

TLI will provide a senior level coach for two years. The coaching contract includes an onsite visit from Dr. Stan Toler, for either a speaking event or leadership training experience. Plus, face to face meetings with the executive leader as agreed upon. Toler’s Annual Leadership Summits would also allow all staff and leaders of contracted organizations to attend registration free.

To assist in leading this new effort, Dr. Toler has invited Jim Dorsey to serve as CEO of Toler Leadership International. Dorsey has led coaching efforts for over three decades for corporations, churches and non-profit organizations.

While this coaching resource will be new, the emphasis falls in line with a lifetime of service for both of these leaders. Dr. Toler has always said, “My greatest joy comes from watching people unwrap their spiritual gifts and grow and develop as leaders.”

Stan Toler Leadership Coaching is designed to help you develop and grow in key leadership principles. Stan does this by providing tools, practices, vehicles, and skills that are simple, memorable, reproducible, and scaleable. Individual and group coaching available.

Through Stan Toler Leadership Coaching, you will:

  • Become a more effective leader and learn how to build a leadership culture
  • Focus on personal, corporate, and/or ministerial growth
  • Experience healthy accountability and partnership
  • Gain tools and expertise that are simple, memorable, and reproducible


Potential candidates for Stan Toler’s Leadership Coaching? 
Anyone who desires to stretch the boundaries of his or her own leadership potential. Stan also offers nuanced coaching for the following types of leaders:

“It is life-changing to be mentored by someone who loves creativity, who listens to your thoughts, stories, and ideas, and then says ‘Let’s go for it!’”
Jeffrey Johnson, superintendent, South Texas District, Church of the Nazarene