How to Identify the Cadre of Effective Leaders in Your Organization

It’s tempting to believe that the larger an organization grows, the larger the pool of vital leaders. While it’s true that the number of leaders must scale with an organization, most operate according to the rule of the few.

Simply put, most of the productivity comes from a few effective leaders, and the majority of important decisions are made by a few visionary leaders.

That means the secret to success is learning to identify the relatively few effective leaders and generating influence with them.

Who are the up-and-coming leaders in your organization? Perhaps the following questions will help you decide.

  1. Who consistently meets or exceeds expectations?
  2. Who is generating the most new ideas?
  3. In what area of the organization is morale highest? Who’s the leader there?
  4. Who has the best outlook and attitude?
  5. Where do new people seem to gravitate?
  6. Who is willing to put action to their ideas, even if that means risking failure?
  7. Who seems most enthusiastic about new projects?
  8. What’s the latest win everyone is talking about? Who is the leader responsible?
  9. Who is the least afraid to speak up to challenge an idea or initiative?
  10. Who consistently seeks new responsibilities and opportunities?

Once you identify those individuals, begin to mentor them—whether they are in positions of leadership or not. Remember that you are grooming leaders for upcoming assignments as well as managing the present team.

Invest some time and effort to help emerging leaders reach their goals. Listen to their dreams for their own lives and for the organization. Learn from them.

Woodrow Wilson said, “I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.” Great leaders are more than willing to borrow ideas and expertise, especially from those who are proving themselves successful.

When you find the few effective, enthusiastic, visionary leaders who are making the most difference in your organization and encourage, empower, and equip them, you will multiply their effectiveness and the entire organization will thrive.

What about you? How do you identify emerging leaders around you? I’d love to hear your answer on Facebook or Twitter.



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