Practical Ideas for Motivating People in a Half-Hour a Day

Leaders often find that the clock is their enemy, cutting the day short before they’ve accomplished their major tasks.

One priority that often gets sidetracked is the basic task of motivating team members. It’s easy to become so focused on getting the work shipped that you fail to notice, appreciate, and affirm those who are doing it.

Here are five simple ways to motivate and encourage your team that you can do in just minutes a day.

  1. Use Team Reporting Software

There are lots of to choose from with options that allow you to communicate with your team members, keep tabs on projects, and send notes of encouragement in a social-media-like environment.

It takes only about five minutes to review a team members report and give positive feedback.

  1. Do a Walk-Thru

You need to stretch your legs from time to time, so use one of those breaks as an occasion to walk through the bullpen or stop at another leader’s door. Management by walking around still works.

You can connect with one to three team members in about 10 minutes by simply wandering through the office.

  1. Write Three Notes of Encouragement

This is easier and faster than ever given that you can text or email a note. Remember, too, that handwritten communications are still more memorable and therefore meaningful. You can contact one or two people in writing in just 10 minutes. This works especially well for decentralized teams.

  1. Pick Up the Phone

The popularity of electronic communications has caused many leaders to avoid the phone entirely. Instead, use it to make one brief phone call to inquire about a team member, reinforce vision, or offer encouragement. Keep it brief, and both of you will benefit. It takes about five minutes to encourage a team member by phone—voicemail works too.

So that’s it. In just a half hour that might otherwise be wasted, you can reach out several team members. You’ll hear what’s on their minds, reinforce the vision, and inspire them for the work.

What ideas have you found for keeping the team motivated? I’d love to hear your answer on Facebook or Twitter!