Why You Should See Every Interaction as an Opportunity to Give

Transformational leaders invest in others. Rather than looking out only for their own interests, great leaders learn to ask win-win questions like these: What can I do for you? What can we do together? How could this benefit both of us?

When you begin to look beyond your own objectives and ask, “What can I do to help others succeed?” you will succeed at an even higher level. A leader who is always looking for credit will soon be a solo performer.

The secret question that will transform your leadership from “me” to “we”? It’s simple: “What’s in it for them?”

Here are four things you can do right now to sharpen your transformational leadership skill.

Focus on Others

Whatever you do as a leader, do it with the welfare of your people in mind. Whether you are producing a product, delivering a service, or asking others to change in some way, do what you do to improve the lives of those you lead.

Be Generous

Transformational leaders use their resources with community in mind. They have an open heart to the needs of others, and are wisely generous in their support for relief efforts and benevolent causes.

Build Relationships

Transformational leaders value family, friends, teammates and colleagues. They interact with their peers, network with colleagues, and listen to and learn from others. They realize that relational capital is their most important resource.

Tell the Truth

Transformational leaders are what they appear to be, and their word is as good as gold. Don’t exaggerate, shade the truth, or make excuses. When you give your word, stand behind it regardless of the personal cost. They live above the line morally, ethically, and financially.

When you become a person others trust, relate to, and benefit from, you will be able to lead them. Ask “What’s in it for them?” and you’re sure to get the results you want.

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