How to develop a winning attitude

By Stan Toler

If you’re a basketball fan, during the NCAA tournament you probably watch the news media for the latest brackets—the schedule and the results of the games that will determine which teams will compete next. For some of the top seeded teams, it will be the sad packing of Nike bags for a long ride home, while other lower seeded teams will jump up in the standings like Kobe Bryant doing a lay-up.

“Seeds” are based on wins and losses in basketball conferences. Teams are matched so those of various rankings may win their way to the Final Four, and finally to a championship. The result is basketball at its competitive best: March Madness!

What bracket are you in personally or organizationally? Have you been placed in that bracket or is it a “self-standing?”  In the end, wins or losses won’t be as important as perseverance and skill. What’s my point? As a Christian leader you’re already in the “top seed.” We’ll soon celebrate the greatest championship of all: Christ’s victorious death and resurrection.

  1. Think like a winner. Through faith you have already won—and in faith you are continuing to win. Don’t let anyone “bracket” you—including yourself.
  2. Act like winner. Stand up for what you believe with an attitude of confidence. The world around you is looking for what you have already found.
  3. Play like a winner. Put your gifts on the line. Give it your best. Play with your heart as well as your head. Believe you can win over the toughest competition.


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