Acts 12:24-25

“But the word of God continued to increase and spread. 25When Barnabas and Saul had finished their mission, they returned from Jerusalem, taking with them John, also called Mark.”


Acts 12 is actually a summary of the ministry of the Apostle Peter. It also signals the beginning of a very vibrant ministry for the Apostle Paul.


An Overview of Chapter Twelve: v. 1-25

1. The incredible opposition of Satan . vv. 1-4

2. The invincible power of prayer . vv. 5-19

3. The inevitable wrath of Gods judgement . vv. 20-23

4. The invigorating Word of God. vv. 24-25


The Practices and Principles of the Apostle Paul:

Acts 13:1-3

“In the church at Antioch there were prophets and teachers: Barnabas, Simeon called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen (who had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch) and Saul. 2While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them. 3So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off.”

1. He challenged people to respond to the call of God. 1 Corinthians 4:16

“Therefore I urge you to imitate me.”




2. He preached the gospel without shame . Romans 1:16

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.”

3. He aggressively planted churches . 1 Corinthians 3:6

“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.”

4. He emphasized the stewardship of life. 1 Corinthians 4:2

“Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.”

5. He lived with reckless abandonment to the will of God. Philippians 1:21

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

6. He modeled good assimilation to all believers. Romans 15:7

“Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.”

7. He taught the positive benefits of a church united. Philippians 2:1-2

“If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, 2then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.”

8. He refused to be intimidated by satanic opposition.

1 Corinthians 4:10-13

9. He focused on what he had , not what he lacked. Acts 27:22-23

“But now I urge you to keep up your courage, because not one of you will be lost; only the ship will be destroyed. 23Last night an angel of the God whose I am and whom I serve stood beside me”

10. He testified to the radical deliverance that occurred in his life.

2 Timothy 1:12