At halftime during a televised football game, team members head to the locker room for reflection and refocusing while you may head to the kitchen to refill a potato chip bowl. The players’ efforts will probably be a little more productive.Tweaking a game plan is highly important, whether you are playing sports or leading an organization.

When things go wrong, as they inevitably will, team members become demoralized and discouraged. You will hear that in the questions they ask of you and one another: Why did this have to happen? Can we ever catch a break? What’s the point in trying?

To refocus your team, change the questions. Here are four good ones.

What does this make possible? Don’t focus on what’s wrong; instead, look at what could emerge from the chaos. What new possibilities are present?

How can we do better in the future? Own the situation by seeing your part in the setback or failure. But don’t scold. Focus on improvement and future success.

How does this help me grow? Help your team members see ways to personally improve through the experience of frustration, disappointment or failure.

Reframe the questions your team is asking and you will help them regain focus, energy, and initiative. Go for the win. Even if you don’t wear the winner’s hat, you will still be a champion!