young businessman has an idea

How many moments are there in a day?

We usually measure our days by hours and minutes, so measuring them in moments may seem a bit awkward. Actually the “moments” stat isn’t available—moments vary with the day, but every day usually includes at least one.

A TV commercial during the 2014 Olympics reminded us that big moments are made of little moments.  Solomon, the biblical wisdom writer, said “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” In other words, there is a time when routine meets an opportunity.

You seize the day by maximizing the moment. Leadership opportunities come packaged in little moments. Miss them, and they are gone. Capture and maximize them, and you will be better equipped for the “BIG moment.”

It seems to me that there at least five important steps in maximizing a leadership moment.

Discover it. Little moments are everywhere, and happen at any time. The wise leader looks and listens for them. Call it the “Aha!” or some other catch phrase, but in essence, a “moment” is a discoverable instant when an idea reveals itself as an opportunity.

Examine it. Every moment has a net worth that begs an evaluation. What tangible or intangibles are in view? What purpose will it fulfill? What difference will it make? Your quick examination will determine whether it becomes a mission or a victim of the delete button.

Own it. Is it “your” moment in reality or theory, or does it belong to someone else? If it’s “yours” do you feel impressed to cultivate it? Like a bid at an auction, you only have a brief opportunity to stake your claim.

Strategize it. Moments don’t have a long shelf-life. Their logistics must be quickly noted.  Do you need to act immediately? What facts are obvious and what need further research?  A few bullet points jotted on your electronic device will help your logistical decisions.

Resource it. How do your personal skills equip you to make something of the moment? What other players need to be involved in the creative process? What can be brought to the table will determine the development of a “moment.”

Capturing moments is like capturing fireflies. Once you see them glow, you grab them before the light goes out.