Make the Most of Your Noon Hour

Lunch & Learns are much more than a perk or a free lunch to look forward to. They’re an important statement about the values you share as an organization and the environment you’re trying to cultivate. Your Lunch & Learns should focus on the most important aspects of your company: your people.

Why have Lunch & Learns?

  • They help with transparency and understanding. This is helpful for companies of all different sizes. Lunch & Learns can serve as a platform for teams to get on the same page and work toward shared goals, providing a new appreciation for each employee and how they fit.
  • They build community. Most of us spend a lot of time at work. It should be a place that is supportive and fosters caring relationships. Lunch & Learns give employees from different areas the opportunity to engage together around a topic and get to know people in ways they might not during the regular workday.
  • They foster learning and growth. You never know what can happen when you bounce ideas around with people you don’t normally work with. Lunch & Learns create an environment where people are encouraged to learn and grow their technical or personal skills.

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“In his engaging style, Stan connects life-changing principles and powerful illustrations that propel people forward.”
Steve Moore, associate director of Planned Giving, Wayne State University, Development & Alumni Affairs