The Relational Leader

  • The Relational Leader: A Parable of Business Success offers powerful principles you can implement for a more vibrant, satisfying, balanced life.  Discover Intriguing Keys to Personal and Professional Success. The Relational Leaders is a parable that amplifies business success through growing and achieving successful relationships and living a balanced life as a leader. Keith Richards needs something new. A successful stockbroker married to a gorgeous wife, he has it all or so it appears. But this morning he impulsively walks out of his Detroit office and catches the first plane to Seattle...heading to Mac’s Place, a neighborhood coffee shop he frequented before he became such a success. Fretting about their morning argument, Jenny leaves numerous messages on Keith s cell phone. Calling his distraught wife, Keith announces he needs time to think, and he'll be back in a week. Staying with Joe and his wife, Marcy, Keith glimpses a life he longs for and discovers a truth he's never considered. Does he have the faith to embrace it? And what will Jenny think?