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Total Quality Life

Total Quality Life gives you the tools you need to grow in each of these four areas. The result will be increased levels of satisfaction, confidence, and effectiveness at work and at home. You’ll see [...]

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ReThink Your Life

In his best-selling book, ReThink Your Life, Stan Toler offers practical steps and an overall plan for ridding your mind of destructive thinking and replacing it with positive purpose, clear focus, and effective decision making that will [...]

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The Relational Leader

The Relational Leader: A Parable of Business Success offers powerful principles you can implement for a more vibrant, satisfying, balanced life.  Discover Intriguing Keys to Personal and Professional Success. The Relational Leaders is a parable [...]

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The Exceptional Leader

Written as a dialogue between a seasoned leader and a young businessman, the one-on-one conversation reveals proven, common-sense leadership principles and instruction on how to lead holistically, with heart and soul.  No matter the level [...]

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