What is the Coaching experience offered by Toler Leadership?

It is an opportunity to have Stan Toler and the Toler Leadership International (TLI) team of coaches to come along side you to provide feedback and guidance for building your plan for personal and organizational growth. Your coaching sessions will remain confidential between you and the coaching team at TLI as we help you create your Master Plan for life and leadership.

What is the process involved with the TLI Coaching plan?

The starting place for the coaching process is with you as leader. In this coaching relationship, we will seek to get to know you and how you function best. Also, we will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. As we move from that understanding, we will help you evaluate your workplace assignment, the challenges you’re facing and where you want to go in terms of your short and long-range goals. Everything will flow from those initial steps.

As personal and organizational goals are developed in light of the leader’s strengths and abilities, they are charted and placed into a reasonable timeline. The TLI Coach will help create an encouraging accountability system for the progressive steps you will need to take in order to fulfill predetermined goals for your calendar/timeline.

What are the goals selected in these coaching agreements?

Each client leader chooses the goals they may want for a particular focus, based on the challenges they are facing in their leadership assignment. Some leaders will need guidance in staff development, while others will be concerned about fundraising, leadership development or customer service. With over 100 books in print on a wide range of leadership topics, Stan Toler and the TLI Coaching Team will bring a wealth of experience and insight for your coaching needs. You will be able to choose the area of focus and we will coach you in that area. Also, we will assist you in charting the course for your future growth and development.

How do I know if TLI Coaching is what I need?

We would suggest several filters in making this important decision:

– Are you or your organization facing a time of significant challenges or changes?

– Have choices surfaced where you need experienced feedback in decision making?

– Would you benefit having a Master Plan to help move through these changes?

– Are you and your team of leaders open to make these needed changes?

If you have answered in the positive to these questions, then you’re ready to move ahead to a TLI Coaching plan. Indeed, you would benefit from discussing these questions with key leaders on your team to see if they are going to be a part of your coaching experience. On the other hand, you may prefer the coaching partnership to be between you and the coach only. Be sure to reflect on the above questions as you make this decision.

What is the duration of a TLI Coaching Contract?

The length of a coaching contract will need to be discussed and mutually upon between each coach and client partner. The time needed for coaching would be determined by a number of variables including the complexity of the challenges, the amount of time need to make the necessary changes, budget concerns, etc. These questions would be addressed in the initial conversations with TLI to assess the length and cost of the coaching agreement.

What are the costs involved with a TLI Coaching Contract?

Each coaching contract is based on a number of contributing factors including the length of the coaching experience (1-2 years), the preferred coaching schedule (weekly or monthly meetings) and the payment plan (monthly, quarterly or lump sum payments). These parameters will be decided after the initial consultations before being asked to sign a coaching contract with TLI.

When can I start the TLI Coaching process?

You can begin the process today by contacting Jim Dorsey at (816) 769-6645 or Jim@TolerLeadershipInternational.com. After an initial review, we will mutually decide if a coaching experience would be beneficial for you as well as discuss any further questions you may have.