Your Untapped Ability to Change Your Life

I’ve decided to be positively positive!

Possibly the worst result of a negative attitude is that it brings a feeling of helplessness. Negative thinking, takes form in thoughts like I’m not smart enough, or I could never do that, or Why does the other guy always seem to get the breaks?  That talk basically says, I can’t.

That feeling of helplessness takes shape in our words to others as well. We complain, gossip, or resort to sarcasm because we feel helpless to change our circumstances. Of course, griping only makes us feel even more helpless to bring about change. We become our own prophets of doom.
Finally, this feeling of helplessness shows up in our actions. We procrastinate, we hoard information, ignore good opportunities, bury ourselves in meaningless work, and neglect our health. Why? Because we are convinced that nothing will change. We just don’t think we can break free from the rut we’ve worked ourselves into, so it’s easier to just keep doing the same old things than to risk trying something new.

But here’s the thing: You have a power you are not aware of!
God gave you the freedom of choice; you are able to put your thoughts into action, and to influence your own attitude. You have the power to change your thought life! Though we have this power, many of us never realize it—or never act on it. As a result, we don’t live up to our potential.

Have you ever watched a video of baby eagles in the nest? At first glance, it looks like they were born to sit and squawk until the parent eagle makes a food delivery. But that isn’t the eagle’s DNA. God gave it wings. It is born to fly, to soar to heights we could never imagine, to find its own resources and grow.

To make a positive change in your life you need to realize that you can fly. You can soar above your negative circumstances and your own negative attitude. You have the power to change.
To do so, you must believe that you have the ability to make choices. Do you think you can? You’re right. Do you think you can’t? You’re right about that too. You can choose a better life than the one you have right now.

If you could make any change in your life, what would it be? And here’s a far more powerful question: When are you going to do it?

What have you chosen to do?  I’d love to hear your answer on Facebook or Twitter!







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