Great leaders have a short leash on their responsibilities. They know they can’t do everything, so they prioritize based on their mission and value system. They choose priorities that bring them the greatest return on their time investment.

I think there are at least four priorities that deserve top-shelf attention.


St. Augustine talked about a soul space that can only be filled with God. A heart running on empty is too weak for times like these. Go to the filling station of God’s Word and “fill it up” with his wisdom and promises. Then, keep it “topped off” with daily readings. Take a prayer walk; it will boost your courage. Fill your soul with positive thoughts, until they reach all the way to your thinking.


Your immediate family is your A Team. Even with its relational challenges, it provides you with emotional resources that can’t be duplicated. Love. Belonging. Loyalty. Forgiveness. Joy. The care you show to, or receive from, your family will carry over to your team interactions.


Whoa! “I’m on a mission to bring products or services to others,” you say. Let me remind you that if you don’t pay attention to yourself once in a while, you’ll soon be adding a “miss” to your “mission.”  When you neglect DOWN TIME, you’ll be more apt to get UP-SET—and upset your organizational goals. Find a stress reliever and incorporate it into your day or week.


When leaders fail to stay on the cutting edge, their leadership soon becomes dull. Schedule time in your day or week for “catching up” to the theory and technology of your products and services. Take a class. Take notes. Take a walk through a convention exhibit. Nobody actually “arrives” until they discover they have a long way to go.

Priorities pay. Roman historian, Titus Livius, wrote, “There is always more spirit in attack than in defense.”