There they are, right at your door: 365 more days to get the job done—one whole year to put your prints on the months, minutes and methods. Who could ask for anything more? Actually, many of last year’s survivors have a lot more to ask. Some wish for a Rewind, while others hit Delete.

Do you want to get the most out of the better or worse of the New Year? Here are 7 suggestions. They aren’t the last words, but they may give you a few more hits or home runs instead of strikeouts.


Put more LIFE in your WORK. Work the system instead of letting the system work you. Lengthen your leash to the digital stuff. Silence your Smartphone once in a while. Include some “Me time” in your calendar. Live in the moment rather than in the past or future. Strengthen family and friend ties. Work ON PURPOSE instead of ON DEMAND.


If your life is your job, your job has you. Periodically take a “barefoot day.” Plan a day trip—a fun one. Resurrect a buried hobby. Find a hideaway booth in a coffee shop and read a book. Go shopping without a shopping list. Walk. Run. Practice “GLUM” CONTROL.


Giving includes dollars, but if it’s just limited to money, it’s not as fulfilling. Expand your giving base. Mentor someone. Use your talents to help the less knowledgeable in areas like technology or finance. Get involved in a community service project.


Idle time isn’t down time; it’s time to think about upward motion. Let your mind wander through the field of dreams. But don’t trip over the weeds of the past or wander through the blossoms. Think constructively. Formulate workable plans. Keep good notes.


This is the year to invest some serious cash in your intentions. Start that “rainy day” fund. Save regularly. Spend smarter. Make sure your legal and financial umbrellas are opened. You’ll get more out of life when you get a handle on the “haves” and “needs.”


There were at least two reasons you had nap time in kindergarten. First, your teacher needed it to survive until lunch time. Second, you needed it to keep your mind and body alert. It’s the same now. Your heart has been pumping blood since birth. Your brain cells have been on overload from day one of your career. Your patience is at the borders. You deserve a break today!


Carly Simon sang what has become a theme for modern leaders, “Nobody Does it Better.” The fact is someone can do your job, with just as much dedication and skill. Look around. True leadership doesn’t hog duties; it shares them with trained team members.

Yep, 365 new days are just hours away. Bathe them in prayer, and then use them to make your world a better—and more enjoyable—environment.

–Stan Toler