The Key Ingredients for Success in Every Organization

Leaders are always on the lookout for an inside edge—the new idea, technology, or strategy that will generate momentum and guarantee success.

In search of that, we often look outside our organization to leadership experts, scientific studies, polls, trends, and whatever else seems to be working for somebody else.

The things your organization needs to be successful may be closer to home. If you can provide your team with these four things, they are almost certain to exceed your expectations.

Here are the four resources every team, and every team member, must have to succeed.

  1. Hope

Hope is the difference between a dying community and a thriving city. Hope is the key ingredient in every turnaround church. Hope generates instant momentum, and when hope disappears, momentum goes with it.

As a leader, your first task is not to cast vision but hope. Your team, and every member must believe that a preferred future is possible, even before they can visualize what it will be.

As a leader, you must be a dealer in hope. Give your people a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and they will arrive for work ready to change the world.

  1. Character

John C. Maxwell identifies the leader as the lid on every organization. While that’s true, the lid on every individual is character. A team member that lacks a good work ethic or is untrustworthy cannot succeed—for long. A team that gossips, complains, and finds fault cannot be productive.

The good news is that character can be acquired. Establish expectations of integrity for your team, and hold them accountable. They will rise to your expectations.

  1. Training

You aim to hire highly skilled people, but training doesn’t end with a college degree. We live in a rapidly changing world, and new knowledge and skills are required frequently.

As the leader, you must ensure that your team members have the knowledge and ability to compete in your industry. They can’t drum up money for continuing education, but you can budget for it. Resource your team adequately and watch their morale skyrocket.

  1. Opportunity

The best equipped, highest trained team in the world can do nothing without an opportunity. Leaders must bring those opportunities to the organization in the form of new business, new ideas, and fresh vision. Keeping your team fueled with possibilities will keep them motivated and productive.

As a leader, you provide what your team needs to succeed. What’s the key resource that keeps your team moving? I’d love to hear your answer on Facebook or Twitter!