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Latest From The Blog

  • smile

How to Look on the Bright Side of Anything

Four Ways to Inject More Laughter into Your Life

Being sad, morose, melancholy, or moody won’t help you meet goals or experience personal grown. However, laughter can. Besides being downright fun, laughter has health benefits. That’s not just my opinion; it’s the wisdom of the Bible! […]

  • Wooden Blocks with the text: Habits

7 Bad Habits That Squeeze the Life from Your Day

Every day you head to the office believing that “this will be the day” you break through the fog and really pump out the work. Today I’ll tackle that big project, you tell yourself. You’re convinced that this time you really will get the inbox […]

  • Businessman with tablet sitting on books

5 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Knowledge Curve in Your Field

There’s a great story about Franklin D. Roosevelt visiting Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes on his 92nd birthday. The great jurist was in failing health, and, so the story goes, was reading a Greek language grammar when the President arrived. When Roosevelt asked why the aging […]