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Latest From The Blog

  • chessleader

Are You a Wise Leader?

Four Key Indicators of Wisdom

The word leader is almost always modified by an adjective. We talk about becoming great leaders or visionary leaders or effective leaders or relational leaders, and all of those are worthy goals.

Here’s one type of leader that we don’t hear as […]

  • 5Questions

5 Questions to Ask before You Quit

How to Avoid Making a Bad Decision on a Down Day

Every leader has been there, that secret place of pain and frustration that has you asking, “Why on earth am I doing this?”

It might be triggered by a bad interaction with a client, coworker, or […]

  • Hand malt Fragezeichen und Pfeile

The Single Biggest Decision Every Leader Makes

One Choice That Defines Your Legacy

Much of the training you’ll receive as a leader will focus on practical skills—delegation, time management, staffing, and so on. Those things are all important. A leader who can’t manage a team is like a carpenter who can’t swing a […]