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Latest From The Blog

  • Positive Outlook

How to Turn Your Thoughts Positive

Four Tips to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Most people would rather have a positive attitude than a negative one. But negative thinking can be subtle and hard to eliminate. If you are like I was during my early years, weighed down by life and a series of […]

  • pessimist negative no sign

The Best Way to Handle Negative People

A Life Lesson from a Little Frog

I love the story about a group of frogs that were hopping along through the woods when two of them fell into a pit. The other frogs saw how deep the pit was, and they realized there was no […]

  • Child playing outdoor showing dirty muddy hands.

Why Every Leader Should Go Outside and Play

Hidden Benefits of Time Spent in Nature

I grew up in the days before streaming video and Xbox. In fact, we were so poor, we watched television only on our Saturday visits to the town’s general store! Whenever the Toler boys were bored, Mom would settle […]