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Latest From The Blog

  • Checkbox

How to Make Good Choices Automatically

Put Positive Habits to Work for You

A habit is any rote action you take based on a stimulus and leading to a reward. For example, when the alarm clock goes off, you get out of bed. Within a few minutes, you’re eating breakfast. After awhile, […]

  • Sunset HDR over the ocean

The Simplest Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Life

How Choosing Joy Changes You from the Inside Out

Positive thinking people choose an attitude of joy. They are eager for every day, and make the most of it—whether it turns out as they’d planned or not. They aren’t afraid to smile, to delight in others, […]

  • The Chosen One

The Rule of the Few

How to Identify the Cadre of Effective Leaders in Your Organization

It’s tempting to believe that the larger an organization grows, the larger the pool of vital leaders. While it’s true that the number of leaders must scale with an organization, most operate according to the […]