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  • Leadership

4 Ways to Lead Like Jesus

Surprising Leadership Lessons from the Life of Christ

Much of the advice you’ll hear on leadership has to do with technique. We spend lots of time figuring out how to do leadership.

Leadership, however, is more art than science. It’s mostly about who you are.

For lessons […]

  • Basketball on Hardwood 1

7 Principles That Will Shape Your Life

Great Advice from the Winningest Coach of All Time

In his book, Coach Wooden, Pat Williams shares the story of legendary basketball coach John Wooden.

Wooden’s life and career were shaped by a piece of paper handed to him at his graduation by his beloved father. The […]

  • Light bulb

Hallmarks of Outstanding Leadership

5 Things the Great Ones Always Do

Success is not a zero-sum game. Excellent leaders know that their achievement does not depend on someone else’s failure. There is more than enough success to go around. The most effective leaders are not afraid to help others reach […]