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Latest From The Blog

  • angry and furious announcement - businessman spitting fire

Eliminating Anger from Your Leadership

4 Signs You’re an Angry Leader, and 4 Ways to Change

Anger is the secret weapon some leaders use to fuel themselves and motivate others. And it works—to a degree. Like a shot of nitrous oxide in the carburetor, anger can supercharge your energy, intimidate your […]

Discovering the Leader within You

Three Characteristics of a Leader’s Heart

Leadership is an attitude. Sure, some people have the skills that contribute to success in leadership. But I’m convinced that most leaders, especially the great ones, are those who rise to meet the crisis or opportunity of their generation—not those […]

  • business team meeting at office

What Your Team Needs Most from Its Leader

Why Character Trumps Vision, Passion, and Strategy

Vision, passion, and strategy are buzz words among leaders. For years we’ve been drilled on the importance of each one.

Vision sets the destination. It’s the answer to the question “What are we doing?” Every team needs a strong […]