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Characteristics of Humble Leaders

Six Positive Traits of Those Who Lead Well

Humility is one of the most needed—and least valued—traits of a great leader. We are far more likely to value the bold, even brash, leader who ruthlessly advances his or her agenda than to praise the milder leader […]

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4 Ways to Change Your Life by What You Think

Proof for the Power of Positive Thinking

The correlation between positive thinking and positive results has been observed for centuries, but sociologist Robert K. Merton formalized the idea when he coined the term self-fulfilling prophecy. Merton wrote, “The self-fulfilling prophecy is, in the beginning, a false definition of […]

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Jump Start Right Thinking with a Media Fast

Jump Start Right Thinking with a Media Fast

Your consumption of mass media and social media has a tremendous impact on your thinking, whether you realize it or not. You simply cannot break the patterns of negative thinking in your mind unless and until you address […]